Bluefishlandscaping Join the Love Your Garden Team

BlueFish Landscaping are very proud to be part of the team for the 2012 series of, Love Your Garden, with Alan Titchmarsh.

The construction team was lead by, Garden designer and consultant David Dodd Managing Director of, The Outdoor Room.

Love Your Garden will see the writer, broadcaster and TV personality, Alan Titchmarsh travel the country to give surprise transformations to the outdoor spaces of some of Britain’s most deserving people.

In each episode, Alan surprises garden owners who have a great story to tell and whose outdoor space is in desperate need of a transformation. While the owner is whisked away, Alan designs the new-look garden – taking inspiration from the best gardens in the area.

Also on hand are Alan's three co-presenters and garden experts - David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill - who pass on to viewers the tips and techniques behind their own contributions to the new garden. Along with Alan they will transform the dreary outdoor space before welcoming the surprised owners back to what will have become their dream garden.

Whether you're a first time gardener or green-fingered horticulturalist, LOVE YOUR GARDEN is full of tips and surprises to inform and inspire everyone on how to redesign their own outdoor space.

Award Winning Landscape Gardening Company

Receiving this award is a great recognition of the hard work and craftsmanship that went into the construction of this very challenging project.

This project was part of a major restoration of a Lutyens house in Hascombe, Surrey. Designed by architects, Michael & Frances Edwards.

The craftsmanship is exemplary and the G. Jekyll landscape has been re-located and extended in immaculate condition. Using clay slips and brick on edge with committed planting, the garden is magnificent. Some features such as the fountain have been recreated from unrealised Lutyens designs, other elements such as the summer house are current designs but sympathetic.

The brick-terrace colonnade links the house and the garden with a strong formal axis which creates a truly beautiful space.

The location on a promontory with the valleys below, adds to the special nature of this formal garden. Strong lines of symmetry and reworking of the original plans. A superb piece of work.