Stage 2: Build

Before landscape construction
Once you’ve approved your final design alongside the tender with BlueFish, we’ll open the calendar and schedule a rough date to begin construction of the project. Our target start date can be anywhere from several weeks to several months after the date you sign your contract.

Why the wait?
Your start date depends on the schedule and availability of our construction team – but also on outside factors like your local planning requirements, the availability of materials and the involvement of subcontractors for non-landscape specific jobs like detailed carpentry, pool-shell construction or large concrete pours. Rest assured we coordinate these elements and keep you notified throughout the duration of the project, so all you have to do is wait.

Construction process
Once construction begins you’ll begin to see big changes in very little time. Demolition is the first phase, and the most noticeable. It’s exciting to see your old landscape or your overgrown plants disappear as we make room for the new.

The transformation continues as our team begin the landscaping work, followed closely by any large planting of trees or shrubs. You’ll begin to see the landscape designs take shape and realize the outline of your outdoor living areas. This stage often gives the clearest sense of what you saw during the design phase becoming reality in your home. The sub-structure for any garden lighting or planting irrigation will be installed into the sub-structure of the landscaping at this point.

Last but not least, the soft landscaping details are next. During this stage, we would sculpt the ground for areas such as turfing. In addition, the planting preparation would be carried out and the planting scheme installed. It’s at this point we can also add other features that turn your landscape into a finished living space – the equivalent of hanging wall art inside your home.

Throughout this entire process, we will be in communication with the garden designer should any technical questions arise.

For consideration
Often the biggest surprise is the amount of time a project takes. It might seem like a team transform a home in a short number of days on the television, but that’s far from realistic. The project timing is dependent on the size and scale of the project.

Rest assured that during construction we will not be in your house or directly interrupting your routines. For most homeowners, the biggest inconvenience is the presence of dust and noise. This is a small price to pay for the changes to your life after construction has been completed. When the dust clears, you’ll be able to enjoy life in your new outside space – not just for a few months, but for years to come.