Stage 1: Plan


Spending time on-site with the client and drawing out the essence of a space is the starting point. From here, the designer will develop and provide a written brief. This document will include a full breakdown and explanation of how the process will work alongside design costs involved.


The existing level changes, buildings, trees, utilities and services all need to be recorded by a professional surveyor, as this information feeds into the basis of the design. As part of this step, the designer will usually return to the site to conduct a full photographic survey and analysis, which also feeds into their design concept.

Design concept

A presentation of the proposed scheme will be produced. This is an extensive A3 book with hand-drawn sketches, 3d visuals, CGI’s, precedent photos, plans and everything needed to convey exactly how the finished garden or outdoor space will look. This is the first tangible visualisation of your garden and is a discussion document, which allows the design to change and evolve.

Detailed design

A detailed masterplan will then be produced which captures any changes or revisions required following the design concept. Every aspect of the project will be detailed down to gate hinges, lighting schemes and irrigation. This level of information allows the scheme to be accurately costed and built correctly.

Planting design

Detailed planting plans and specifications will then be produced to complement the design.


Once the design scheme is complete we will them be able to accurately price the project. Going through this design stage allows us as the contractor to receive a full drawing package, bills of quantities and specifications. Following a site visit, we can provide an itemised quotation for your perusal.